When Faith Responds

Series: Faith Fulfilled: Forever From First to Last

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Faith Fulfilled:  Forever From First to Last

(Romans 1:16, 17)



1.  The title of this series is, “Faith Fulfilled:  Forever from First to Last”

2.  This second part of the series is, “When Faith Responds…”

3.  Last week we explored some of the various definitions people use when discussing the subject of “faith”

      a.   “firm belief in something for which there is no proof”

      b.  “Allegiance to duty, or to a person.”

      c.   “Trust and confidence in a person, thing, or concept.

4.  How do we know when “faith” is actually “faith” (in the true sense of the word)?

      a.   “I took the job because I felt strongly that it was the right decision…”

      b.  “I was told that it was okay to park over…”

      c.   “When I saw that couple together, I knew that it would last forever…”

            1)  What we “feel”… what we are “told”…what our “impression” may be…

            2)  These are things all of us have believed, but that later turned out NOT to be

                  an accurate representation of the truth.

5.  OUR “faith” (loyality, trust, allegiance) must be based upon something objective

      rather than something that is subjective.


1.  While it is common for people today to ‘water-down’ certain definite ideas and concepts, (“my truth” and “your truth”)—there is actually such a thing as “the truth” (John 17:17, 18).

      a.  The Greek word rendered “truth” α?λη?θεια is translated as “reality” in some Bible versions because that is exactly what it is, “the reality” (John 14:6 Recovery Version). 

      b.   Jesus Himself is THE way, THE reality (truth), and THE life—access to the Father comes ONLY through Him.

2.   To have a “knowledge” or “knowing” of the truth requires spending time in the Word of

      God (John 8:31-32).

      a.   It is God’s inspired Word and the “knowledge” (intimate) that makes one understand what is necessary to have a genuine, living, vibrant relationship with God (II Tim. 3:10-

            17).—the definite article is contained in the passage.  Salvation is through “THE FAITH” that is, what has been revealed in the Scriptures.

      b.   A TRUE Biblical “faith” responds to that which is ‘known’ from what is contained

            within the inspired Word of God.

      c.   This is not just subjective impressions or feelings, but rather the evidence that is

            contained in the Scriptures.

      d.   Our thoughts, words, and actions are molded and shaped into the image of Christ through feeding ourselves from what is found in the Word of God (Matt. 4:4).

3.   The RESPONSE of faith arises from the Word of God (Rom. 10:17) and is manifested in

      every area of our lives.


1.   Jesus told those who would be His disciples (followers) that IF they loved Him, they

      would “keep” His commandments (obedience) (John 3:36 NKJV) misses the focus of

      what He said.

      a.   “does not believe” is better translated, “does not OBEY” (resists through unbelief) does not have the life that God wants to give him.

      b.   Disobedience (Rom. 10:21; I Pet. 3:20)—Rom. 2:8.

2.   Jesus is the author of “eternal salvation” to whom?  Those who “obey Him” (Heb. 5:8, 9).

3.   We do not obey God because we are afraid of Him, but rather because we LOVE Him and

      trust that HE knows what is best for our lives (even when WE think we know better)

4.   Nothing is ever accomplished from having “knowledge” and then responding merely out

      of a sense of “fear”


1.   Faith responds when we come to understand and appreciate the true meaning of the

      “covenant” relationship with God.

      a.   As we continue to examine “faith” and “the faith” and the place these two elements

            must have in our lives, having a better understanding of certain words is essential.

      b.   What is a “covenant”—Definition—‘a pact or agreement between two or more

            parties…blah, blah, blah).’

2.   In the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, within the realm of Redemptive History,

      COVENANT “defines the TERMS and CONDITIONS through which relationship is

      established and maintained.  It is the BOUNDRY of our ‘STANCE’ with God.

3.   As we will soon see, there are certain elements present in the Genesis account that are

      reflected in the last chapters of the last book of the Bible:

      a.   Heavens and Earth—the realm of where the rule and reign of God takes place

      b.   Covenant—that which determines the boundaries of relationship with God.

      c.   Law—that which regulates that which is revealed in the Covenant.

      d.   AGE—the length or duration of time as determined by the Covenant

      e.   Land—(New Jerusalem)—the realm of dwelling place of the people of God.

4.   Faith operates in ALL of these areas and defines, establishes and equips us to walk in

      victory with God each day of our lives.


1.   When faith responds it is based upon objective knowledge

2.   When faith responds, it does so based upon love for God.

3.   When faith responds it does so based upon the meaning of covenant relationship

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