Family Matters - 12/10/23

FAMILYMATTERS - - December 10, 2023

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The wearing of face masks is optional.

Sunday Bible Classes for all ages at 9:15AM

Sunday Morning Worship 10:00AM

No Wednesday Bible Study at this time.


Larry’s sermon title for today is “Faith and the Authority for Action”

(Romans 10:17)

The operation (in a practical sense) involves having the authority from God to act and to move in a certain direction in life.  Faith allows believers the freedom to have wisdom in various situations and circumstances of life that we face each and every day. 

We often hear of “Bible authority” as it relates to those characteristics that describe the the work and worship of the church, but it also empowers each of us to have a genuine sense of confidence about the difficult decisions we make in our everyday lives. 

God  has equipped each of us to honor Him and His Word as we navigate through the trials and temptations each of us face and to know that we know what His will actually is. 


In our Prayers

Julie Issel, Richard Maas, Baby Jack David Jones, Marge Ullom, 

Betty Pascute, Dave Corp, Ed & Beth Stevens, Reggie Pagaling, Mary Summit,  Jason Rickard, Vern Martin, Belinda Collier, Liz Ramsey,  Walt Maycher, Landon Duncan, Shirley Kirnec, Brian Wood,  Barb McDowell,  Marion Banks,  Betty Wood,  Eric Alfred, Brenda Hood, 

Margi Paukovich,  Dave Wood, Stan Owen,  Betty Browning, Alice Jean Stone, 

Mary Stottlemyer,  Art Bangert 

The community of East Palestine. 

Rob & Beatriz Espinosa

All who are suffering in wars (Mideast and Russian/Ukraine).


Happy Birthday  & Anniversary!

Terry Siverd (12/26), Josh Espinosa, Lucas Wildman (12/29).


Vital Signs  Week of Dec. 3, 2023  Attendance  (34/47) Offering $1700,

 (avg. over 49 wks. $1249)


Everyone is welcome to join us after worship for our monthly covered dish luncheon today. 


There is a new sign up sheet for 2024 Building Cleaning

on the bulletin board.


Terry & Jeannie Siverd no longer have a landline (formerly 330.856-4810).

They can be reached by their cell phones at:  Terry (330.646-5624) and Jeannie (330.646-3053).


Women are meeting every Wednesday at Perkins on Elm Road at 10AM.



Jared Cash, Ryan McCord, Scott McQuain, Allison Montgomery, Patrick Passewitz, Jason Pratscher,

Abraham & Ruben Walley, Jorge Aros Buelna, James Mitchell, Dylan Wood, Olivia Wood.


If you have  news for the Family Matters please call

Roseann  330 394-2188, or 330-240-4643  email:

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