Family Matters - 1/16/22

FAMILYMATTERS - - January 16, 2022

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Please wear a mask as the virus is rising once again.

While Terry is away, Roseann Kennedy will be publishing an abbreviated version of the Family Matters. 

Please funnel any news to her by calling 

Roseann  330 394-2188 or email:

Please note: Roseann is not on Facebook.


Happy Birthday

Fayette Phillips, Elizabeth Wood, & Ray Lee (Jan. 20) Nicholas Rossi (Jan. 21)

Bentley Alfred (Jan. 23) Steve & Phillis Flask (A. Jan. 26) Gale Wheeler (Jan. 28)

Brian & Jill Wood (A. Jan. 28)


In our Prayers

Vic & Deb Rossi, Sharlene Stewart, Dick Maas, Shan Wood, Don Davis,  Molly Rush, 

 Bella Rose, Bruce Ware, Bob Duncan, Chris Cassidy,

Watson household, Amy Rossi, Ray Lee, Linda Chopic, Pam Wildman, Sandy Brown,

Marian Scott, Virginia Johnson, Mike Collier, Amanda Collier, Betty Wood, Lisa Baker, Bobby Meade, 

George Hamilton, Frank Robbinette, Alex Cooper, Jim & Betty Browning

Alice Jean Stone, Mary Stottlemyer,  Art Bangert 

Janet Wood and family.

Our sympathy to Dick Maas and family in the passing of sister Jo Maas.

A memorial service will be held in the spring.


Friends and Family Serving our Nation in the United States Military    

               Jared Cash,   Travin Jones , Ryan McCord,  Scott McQuain, Allison Montgomery, Patrick Passewitz, Jason Pratscher, Abraham & Ruben Wallie, Olivia Wood 


Weekly Breakfast Gatherings

The men's breakfast is every Wednesday at 10am at Raptis in Howland and the women's breakfast is every Thursday at 10am at Perkins on Elm Rd.


Vital Signs

Week of Jan. 9, 2022 AM ( 13 ) Offering ( $580 average over 2 weeks  $867.50 )



Terry, Jeannie and Mark in Arizona


For more detailed information see our web site at