Exit Strategy

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Exit Strategy


Luke 12:13-21


The background and story of Carl McCunn.. West Germany... College... Navy


Alaska..Photography... No arrangement for pilot to pick him up... Nov... Took his own life... Sad and Frustrating 


A. Recognize where we are. 

   Not permanent.. Temporary   1 Peter 2:11

   Permanent citizenship is  heaven... We are in the Kingdom.. Phil. 3:20


B. We Know the end is coming.

     Three foundational stones.

     Hebrews 9:27-28   Death..The Lord's return... Judgement... Count on it. Absolutely will happen.

    Matthew 25: 31-34 .. Judgement scene good... 41 Bad, depart.. 46 Eternal Punishment 

    2 Peter 3:9-14 .. Knowing these things should impact how we live our lives.

But, we get caught up and forget we are leaving.. we have no plan.


C. Make sure we remember what matters.

Note the beginning of the, on top of his game.

From fall's perspective, he was a fool.

Note what the rich man was a fool..Luke 12.. Not because of what he was what he didn't have, he wasn't rich toward God.


D. We need to be sure we don't miss our cue.

Ecc. 7:2

Note people no longer attend funerals. Not pleasant.

Don't want to think about the reality of this ending.

Tom's story.

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