Why I Obey The Bible

Series: Give Me The Bible

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Mark Copeland

Why I Obey The Bible


  • Share thoughts about Noah and his great example of obedience…
    • Do you think that he felt foolish while building the ark?
    • Do you think there were days when he thought about quitting?
    • This was a huge step of obedience since there was no body of water where he lived and it had never rained!
    • Do you think that his family and friends made fun of him?
  1. In this series ("Give Me The Bible"), thus far we have explored...
    1. The Problem Of Biblical Illiteracy
    2. Why I Read The Bible
    3. Why I Believe The Bible
    4. Why I Love The Bible
  2. But it does us no good to...
    1. Read the Bible
    2. Believe the Bible
    3. Love the Bible

-- If we are unwilling to obey the Bible!

[To drive this point home, let's first take a close look at...]

      1. Necessary to enter the kingdom of heaven - Mt 7:21-23Lk 6:46
        1. It is not enough to believe in Jesus as Lord
        2. Not even to do many things in His name
        3. We must do the will of His Father in heaven
        4. We must do what Jesus says!
      2. Necessary to qualify as good soil - Lk 8:15
        1. It is not enough to hear (read) the Word of God
        2. Not even to initially do what the Word says
        3. We must receive the Word with good and noble hearts
        4. We must bear fruit with patience!
      3. Necessary to be faithful disciples of Christ - Mt 28:18-20
        1. It is not enough to simply believe in Jesus
        2. Not even to be baptized into the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
        3. We must be disciples of Christ (i.e., adherents)
        4. We must observe (do) what He says!
      1. Necessary in order to be saved - He 5:9
        1. Jesus is the author (source) of eternal salvation
        2. But for those who obey Him!
      2. Necessary to avoid God's wrath - Ro 2:4-11
        1. The goodness of God is designed to lead one to repent
        2. The righteous judgment of God is coming, a day of wrath!
        3. Eternal life is for "those who keep on doing good" (NLT)
        4. Indignation and wrath is for those who do not obey the truth!
      3. Necessary to avoid eternal destruction - 1Pe 4:172Th 1:7-9
        1. What will be the end of those who do not obey the gospel?
        2. Vengeance in the form of everlasting destruction!

[Of course, we must understand that obedience does not earn or merit salvation (cf. Ep 2:8-9Tit 3:4-7Lk 17:10), but obedience is necessary nonetheless. Especially so when one considers...]

      1. Enables one to withstand the storms of life - Mt 7:24-27
        1. It is not enough to hear the sayings of Jesus
        2. We must both hear and keep His says
        3. Only then will we be blessed to stand strong against the storms of life!
      2. Qualifies one to be in the family of God - Lk 8:21
        1. It is not enough to simply listen to the Word of God
        2. We must both hear and do it
        3. Only then will we blessed to be a member of the family of God!
      3. The key to blessedness (joy) - Jn 13:17
        1. It is not enough to know what Jesus teaches
        2. We must do what He teaches
        3. The blessedness (joy) of following Jesus is in the doing!
      1. Delivers from the bondage of sin - Ro 6:16-18
        1. We are slaves to that which we obey
        2. When one obeys from the heart the doctrine of God, they are set free from sin!
      2. Purifies one's soul - 1Pe 1:22-23
        1. Obeying the truth purifies our souls
        2. It leads to being born again by the Word of God
      3. Saves and blesses one's soul - Jm 1:21-25
        1. The Word has the potential to save our souls
        2. But we must doers, not hearers only
        3. Again, the blessedness (joy) is in the doing!


  1. Why do I obey the Bible? Because obedience is necessary...
    1. If we truly love Jesus - Jn 14:15
    2. If we want Jesus and His Father to abide in us - Jn 14:21-2415:10
    3. If we want to truly know the Lord and experience the love of God - 1Jn 2:3-5
  2. Again, such obedience is not an effort to earn or merit salvation...
    1. Salvation is by grace through faith, not of works - Ep 2:8-9
    2. But grace does not preclude obedience done in faith - He 5:9
    3. We obey the Word of God, not to earn salvation, but to receive salvation!

As Jesus stated on one occasion: "Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and keep it!" (Lk 11:28). Are you keeping (obeying) the Word of God in order to be blessed...?

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