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Lesson #13 - Flirting

Series: Taming The Tongue

Lesson #13 – Flirting

1. Sexual immorality is sinful.

  The marriage bed is undefiled (Heb.13:4).

Within the confines of marriage human sexuality takes on a sacred-ness (sexual sanity or sanctification).  cf. 1Thess.4:3-8

Outside of marriage sexual activity becomes un-sane (insane), un-healthy, un-sancitied and un-godly.

  The Word of God is quite explicit about this subject.

~ Ex.20:14 & Deut.5:18 / You shall not commit adultery

~ 1Cor.6:18 / Flee immorality … Acts 15:20 & 29 / abstain from fornication … 2Tim.2:22 / flee from youthful lusts

  Are there some pro-active steps we can take as a hedge against sexual immorality?

~ What are some preventative measures we can take?

Guard your heart (Prov.4:23 / watch over your heart with all diligence…  cf. Lk.6:45).

Don’t feed lustful desires (Mt.5:28 / everyone who looks on a woman to lust for her).

Cover your eyes (Job 31:1 / I have made a covenant with my eyes).

Watch your tongue (Col.3:5 / dead to immorality, impurity, passion, evil desire…).

2. Can careless speech sometimes lead to sexual temptations?

  Flattery can fuel flirtations which can lead to fornication (impure sexual behavior).

 ~ Prov.29:5 / A man who flatters his neighbor is spreading a net for his steps  cf. Prov.26:28b

~ Prov.6:27 / Can a man take fire into his bosom and not be burned?

  How would you DEFINE FLIRTING?

~ Is it wrong to compliment someone of the opposite sex?

~ Is there such a thing as “innocence flirtations”?

~ Have you ever encountered a vamp (an unscrupulously seductive woman)?  cf. Prov.2:16: 5:3 & 7:5

~ Have you ever known a philandering man?  i.e., one who engages in ‘love affairs’ frivolously or casually.

3. Is flirting a form of “playing with fire”?

  Have you ever known a marriage that fell apart because of an affair that started out innocuously?

  Do our social media interactions pose a threat in this regard?

Does cyber space sometimes invite “letting down our guard”?

 ~ Does not sexual purity demand DISCIPLINE?

~ Does discipline not require restraint and self-control?

~ Discuss 2Thess.5:22 / abstain from every appearance of evil

  “Friends who treat infidelity lightly or tell suggestive jokes and stories are really enemies of your marriage.”

  Can alcohol (and drugs) lower inhibitions and thereby enflame provocative conversation and behavior?

4. Discuss the myth of the greener grass?

  Are things that seem “too good to be true” often not true and real?

  As the “sheep” of God’s pasture must be take care to not wander astray? – cf. Ps.95:7 with Isa.53:6

J. Allan Peterson’s book, The Myth Of The Greener Grass, is a must-read for all who want to affair-proof your marriage.

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