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Online Sermons

Lesson #6 - Boldness

Series: Taming The Tongue

Lesson #6 – Boldness

1. Are we able to proclaim the gospel of Christ with boldness?

  Do some (of us) have a spirit of timidity? – cf. 2Tim.1:7-8

Are we ashamed of the gospel?

  Was “boldness” only a first-century miraculous gift of the Holy Spirit - - as seen in Acts 4:49-31?

Some versions and paraphrases render the word boldness with the word confidence.

Confidence literally means “with FAITH”.

  Can our lack of boldness sometimes be traced to being weak in The Word of God?

If we were more proficient in The Word, do you think such would translate into greater BOLDNESS? – cf. 2Tim.2:15

In Rom.1:16, Paul connects his not being ashamed of the gospel with the power of God.

The power of the gospel is God speaking through the inspired Word. – cf. 2Tim.3:16-17

         2. Taming one’s tongue is not just about abstaining, it is also about professing and proclaiming.

  How eager are you to share the gospel with others?

  Are you ”ready to make a defense”? – cf. 1Pet.3:15

An apologia is not an apology in the sense of “being sorry”.

To make an apologia is to present a case that is Biblically sound, reasonable and persuasive.


Discuss Paul’s exhortation in Col.4:5-6.

Conduct yourselves with wisdom towards outsiders, making the most of the opportunity. Let your speech always

be with grace, seasoned, as it were, with salt, so that you make know how you should respond to each person.

  Make a list of attributes or qualities that might help describe what it means to speak with grace.

For example:  humility (Js.4:6) … gentleness (Gal.6:1) … kindness (Eph.4:32) … etc.

  What can we learn from the manner in which Priscilla & Aquila taught Apollos? – cf. Acts 18:24-26

3. Is their any room for ARROGANCE in the proclamation of the gospel?

  What’s the difference between…

Being bold and being brash or brazen?

Being not ashamed and being in-your-face

  When it comes to sharing the gospel is it important (essential) to be a GOOD LISTENER?

What does it mean to be “swift to hear”? – cf. Js.1:19

When we attempt to teach others, do we come across as having all the right answers?

Do you think our fellowship has suffered from coming across as too cocky, too harsh, and too know-it-all?


Please be praying daily for our Camp 2:52 ministry.

Throughout this week our youth will be pondering the important topic, “I Am Not Ashamed”.

This wonderful theme is designed to help our youth learn early on how to positively articulate their faith.

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