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Lesson #13 - The Book And The Blood - Ex. 24

Series: God's Man Moses - Israel's Exodus From Egypt


The Book And The Blood / Exodus 24

Ascending & Descending / Vss.1-8

1. Who were invited by God through Moses to ascend the mountain of the Lord? – vss.1-2

 Who was Aaron? … Who were Nadab and Abihu? … Who were the seventy elders? – cf. Num.16:11

You shall worship at a distance … Moses alone, however, shall come near to the Lord

  Why were these others invited but not allowed to “draw near”?

2. After Moses descended the mountain what happened? – vss.3-8

  God’s words are recounted & transcribed …   The people pledge their fidelity …

  Moses builds an altar with twelve pillars (one for each of the tribes) …   Sacrifices are offered …

  The blood of the bulls (sacrifices) is sprinkled (half on the offering and half on the people).

  The book of the covenant is read aloud and all the people avow faithfulness.

All that the Lord has spoken we will do, and we will be obedient.

  The book of the covenant is sealed with the blood of the covenant.

A Second Ascent / Vss.9-11

1. Moses, the priest and the elders ascend the mountain a second time.

They saw the God of Israel… - vs.10

2. How does one explain these two seemingly conflicting ideas?

God Is Seen By Man                                     God Cannot Be Seen By Man

Gen.32:30;                                           Ex.33:20

                                             Ex.24:9-10  &  Ex.33:11                         Deut.4:15

                                                Judg.13:22                                           Jn.1:18;  Jn.5:37  &  Jn.6:46

                                             Isa.6:1  &  Dan.6:9                                  1Tim.1:17

                                             Jn.14:9   &  Mt.1:23                                 1Tim.6:16

2. While God is invisible, a theophany is sometimes employed to manifest the presence of God. – vs.10

3. What might be implied in vs.11? / Yet God did not stretch out His hand against (them)…

A Third Ascent / Vss.12-18

1. Moses climbs the mountain with Joshua, while the elders remain wait at a distance.

  What is a Shekinah ?  Describe the setting? – vs.15-17

  On this occasion what did Moses receive from God?  On what day did God speak? - vs.12

  How long was Moses on the mountain? – vs.18

2. What assignment was given to Aaron & Hur?– vs.14

  Tradition says that Hur was the husband of Moses’ sister Miriam.   cf. Ex.17:10 & 12

? Your assignment for next week:  read Exodus 25-27 4 regarding The Sanctuary Offerings & Furnishings

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