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Lesson #11 - Rules and Regulations

Series: God's Man Moses - Israel's Exodus From Egypt


Rules And Regulations

Servitude & Personal Injuries / Chapter Twenty-One

1. How were Hebrew slaves/servants to be treated?

  After six years of service they were to be set free. – vs.2

If he comes alone, he shall go out alone; If he is the husband of a wife, then his wife shall go with him.

~ What if the master provides a wife, what shall become of his wife and children?

  What if a servant doesn’t want to be set free? – vs.5f

~ Describe the ramifications of “a pierced ear”.

  How were the females to be treated? – vss.7-11

Is this an example of “women’s rights” in a time when women in general had very little rights, if any?

2. How were personal injuries to be dealt with? – vss.12-35

  Explain the penalty for pre-meditated murder.  What is the meaning of vs.13?

  Striking one’s parents (vs.15) and cursing one’s parents (vs.17) were both punishable by death.

  Kidnapping brought the death penalty. – vs.16

  What happens when one man injures another but the injured doesn’t die? – vss.18-19

  What about the mistreatment of slaves? – vss.20-21 & 26-27

  How were pregnant women to be treated? – vss.22-25

? Note:  the word miscarriage in vs.22 is best rendered an untimely or premature birth.

  What laws applied to one who owned an oxen that hurt others? – vss.28-32

~ As to oxen that kill other oxen see vs.35-36

  Rules about the damages incurred by open pits. – vss.33-34

Property Rights & Sundry Laws / Chapter Twenty-Two

1. Rules about property rights. – vss.1-14

  Stealing and Thievery

   Arson or careless fire-starting

  Breaches of trust and borrowing

2. Miscellaneous laws. – Ex.22:16 thru 23:9

  Treatment of virgins …   Sorcery …   Bestiality …   Sacrificing to (false) gods

  Treatment of strangers and widows & orphans

  Lending money, usury and borrowing another’s cloak

  Cursing God and cursing rulers …   Delaying offerings …   Eating flesh torn apart in the wild

  Bearing false witness/perjury …   Following mob rule …   Acting impartially …   Being a good neighbor …

  The perversion of justice …   False charges …  Killing …   Bribery …   Oppressing strangers

? Your assignment for next week:  read Exodus 23 & 24 4 regarding the Sabbath, Feasts, and Covenantal Affirmations

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