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Lesson #9 - Jethro Counsels With Moses

Series: God's Man Moses - Israel's Exodus From Egypt


Jethro Counsels With Moses

A Word About Moses And The Rock


Some argue that this story presents a contradiction.

  In Ex.17:6, Moses is told to strike the Rock  … In Num.20:8, Moses is told to speak to the Rock

  Num.20:12 & 24 reveal that something in the behavior of Moses & Aaron displayed disobedience.

Additional thoughts for consideration..

  In Ex.17:5-6, elders from among Israel are included as Moses strikes/smites the Rock.

  Ps.78:15 & 105:41 indicate that the striking  “split” or “opened” the Rock, thereby creating a pool (Ps.114:8).

  In Num.20:10, Moses & Aaron are acting out of anger and may be taking credit - -shall we bring forth water for you?. 

  Num.20:11 also indicates that they struck the Rock twice.

Moses Is Visited By His Father-in-law / Chapter Eighteen

1. Jethro visits Moses, bringing with him Moses’ wife, Zipporah, and their two sons, Gershom and Eliezer. / vss.1-6

  Implied here is the likelihood that Moses had earlier sent his wife & sons to visit and be sheltered by his father-in-law.

Jethro, Moses’ father-in-law, is referred to as the priest of Midian

  Jethro, like Melchizedek (Gen.14:17-24) is a Gentile priest (Ex.2:16) whose spoken words indicate he knows Yahweh.

  Notice his testimony in vss.10-11.

2. Moses rehearses in Jethro’s presence “all that the Lord had done”. – vss.7-12

  Jethro expresses satisfaction (rejoicing) and offers a sacrifice to God and eats with Moses and others “before God”.

3. Jethro gives Moses advice about the importance of delegating responsibilities. / vss.13-27

Jethro observes Moses’ style of leadership and is concerned that he will wear himself out (vs.18).

  He admonishes Moses saying, “the thing you are doing is not good” (vs.17).

Jethro’s recommendation is two-fold:

  He advises Moses to concentrate on teaching the people and dealing with the bigger issues.

  Secondly, he urges Moses to delegate others to help with minor cases of arbitration.

It will be easier for you, and they will bear the burden with you  (vs.22).

~Essentially Jethro’s strategy is to appoint lower-court arbiters or judges:

ones who would overseen cases among thousands, hundreds, fifties and tens.

(In this we note a template for our own government’s judicial system).

~ Vs.23 implies that this is not only a suggestion from Jethro, but also a command from God.

~ With humility Moses accepts Jethro’s recommendation and appoints others to assist:

men who fear God, men of truth, those who hate dishonest gain (vs.21)

Your assignment for next week:  read Exodus 19 4 regarding Moses on Mount Sinai.

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