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Lesson #8 - God Provides Food And Water

Series: God's Man Moses - Israel's Exodus From Egypt


God Provides Food And Water

Manna & Meat / Chapter Sixteen

1. Thus far, on their sojourn, the children of Israel have had several encampments.

Succoth (12:37) ... Etham (13:20) ... Pihahiroth (14:2) ... by the Red Sea (Num.33:10) ... Elim (15:27) ......

  From the Red Sea they travel to the wilderness of Shur (Ex.15:22).

~ Here they struggled for three days to find water - - in Marah the water was bitter.

The congregation grumbled, Moses prayed and God showed him a tree which purified the water (Ex.15:25).

  They traveled on to Elim where there was twelve springs of water and seventy date palms (Ex.15:27).

  Now they have arrived and encamped at the wilderness of Sin (“sin” is a derivative of “Sinai”. - 16:1 & Num.33:11.

~About 40 days (1½ month) has passed since the crossed the Red Sea. – Ex.16:1b

~ Vs.2 notes, the whole congregation of the sons of Israel GRUMBLED against Moses and Aaron…

~ Their grumbling was magnified by the memory of pots of meat and plenty of bread in Egypt.

~Note vss.8-12 4 their grumbling was against God ! – cf. Num.14:26f

2. Manna In the morning, flesh/meat in the evening at rest on the Sabbath. – vss.4-25

  How would you describe “manna” and how could it be prepared? – cf. vss. 14 & 31 and 23.

~ God delivered manna to them every morning, Sunday through Friday - - on Fridays they could gather a double portion.

Why was nothing to be gathered on Saturday?  Why was nothing supplied on Saturday? – cf. vss.23 & 26

Even before the giving of the ten commandments, the Israelites were directed to KEEP THE SABBATH.

~ They were to gather only enough for the day (cf. vs.36 - - an “omer” is approximately two quarts).

~There was to be no leftovers (vs.19).  Leftovers would spoil (vs.20).

~ In what way was the “manna” a TEST? – vss.4 & 28  cf. Ps.95:6-11 

~Describe the manna memorial “keepsake”? – cf. vss.32-33 with Heb.9:4

~How long did God provide manna? – vs.35  with  Josh.5:12

  As to the quail, there is considerable discussion as to how often it was supplied.

~ cf. Ex.16:8;  Num.11:31f  and  Ps.78:17-27

~Although they complained of hunger, didn’t the Israelites exit Egypt with their flocks, herds & livestock?

cf. Ex.16:13 with Ex.12:38

~ After supplying the quail, why was God angry with them for eating it? -  Num.11:33

Water From “The Rock” / Chapter Seventeen (pt 1)

1. Next the congregation journeyed (by stages) to encamp at Rephidim (vs.1).

  With a shortage of water, they again quarreled and grumbled. - vss.2-3

Have you considered that in grumbling we are “testing” God and in the process failing THE TEST?! 

2. Describe THE ROCK at Horeb. – vss.5-7

  How was Moses to “access” the water? – vs.6

~ The place was named Massah or Meribah, because of their testing God quarreling.

  According to Paul in 1Cor.10:4, who was this ROCK?

? Your assignment for next week:  read Exodus 17 (pt 2) and chapter 18 4 regarding Amalek and Jethro.

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