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Words of Life - Repentance

Series: Words of Life


“But you, beloved, ought to remember the words that were spoken beforehand….” / Jude 17



1. Remorse of contrition for past conduct of sin.

2. The act or process of repenting.

3. The act of changing one’s mind and altering one’s conduct, involving a turning from sin and a turning to God..

All of the above are involved in the Biblical picture of repentance.

> Questions & Observations For Discussion ?

1. It is only by means of the grace & goodness of God that man has the avenue of repenting. – Rom.2:4 & Lk.24:46f

  It is God’s will that ALL COME TO REPENTANCE. - 2Pet.3:9

  Is repentance “optional” - - if we desire to be truly reconciled to God? – Acts 17:30

  To refuse to repent is to perish. – Lk.13:3 & 5

  On the other hand, repentance leads to (eternal) life. – Acts 11:18

2. What does repentance look like?

  It is not just being sorry that you got caught (doing wrong).

  Repentance is more than just remorse (sorrow).

  It is a deep-down godly sorrow that:

acknowledges wrongdoing (Ps.51:1-4) … seeks forgiveness (Ps.51:7-12) …

and brings forth a change for the better (bring forth fruit in keeping with repentance) - cf. Lk.3:8 & Acts 26:20

  Repentance brings great joy to the sinner (Ps.51:8) and also results in great joy in heaven (Lk.15:7 & 23).

3. What exactly does repentance require of us?

  It is a turning to God – Acts 20:21 & 26:20  cf. Jonah 3:5

  It is a turning from sin – Jonah 3:10 (they turned away from their wicked way)

4. Is repentance a one time event? 

  Mt.18:21-22 and Lk.17:3-4 implies that there is sometimes a need for ongoing repentance.

  Are some sins more addictive than others and thereby harder to overcome?

  What is a besetting sin? – cf. Heb.12:1 (KJV)

5. Can one repent often (repeatedly) of persistence and harassing sin(s)?

  1 Jn. 1:7 uses a verb that implies ongoing forgiveness

if we walk in the light…the blood of His son continually cleanses us from all sin

  What about “sinning willfully”? – Heb.10:26

Contextually, the above warning is related to “forsaking the assembling/new covenant life”? - Heb.10:25

  In light of 1Jn.1:7 and Heb.10:24-26, how important is fellowship in combating and correcting sinful behavior?

6. In the aftermath of denying Jesus, did Peter repent?

  Mt.26:75 notes that, “he wept bitterly” - - did his life thereafter display true repentance?  cf. Lk.22:31-32

  What about Judas?  - Mt.27:3

“The preacher sought to find delightful words and to write words of truth correctly.” (Ecclesiastes 12:10)

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