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Words of Life - Disciple

Series: Words of Life


“But you, beloved, ought to remember the words that were spoken beforehand….” / Jude 17



1. A person who subscribes to the teachings of a master and assists in spreading them.

2. Any active adherent, as of a movement or philosophy.

3. One of the companions of Christ.

All thee of the above definitions are needed to provide a fuller understanding of Biblical discipleship.

> Questions & Observations For Discussion ?

1. Etymology:  Greek word mathetes (a learner - - from math, indicating thought accompanied by endeavor.

The Latin words discere (to learn) and discipulus (pupil) which yielded the Old English word discipul.

Other words in the same family:  discern … discipline … disciplinary … discipleship.

2. In Biblical times one might be a disciple of Moses (Jn.9:28) … of the Pharisees (Mt.22:15-16) … of John (Mt.9:14).

¡ The focus of today’s word study is on those who were/are disciples OF JESUS.

  Sometimes the word is used to describe the twelve apostles. – Mt.10:1 & Lk.22:11

  It is also used to describe a great multitude of followers. – Lk.6:17

  Some “disciples” appear to be primarily “curiosity-seekers”, lacking depth and commitment. – Jn.6:66

  In the book of Acts we read of “the disciples” (6:1) and “the congregation of disciples” (6:2 & 7).

cf. Acts 14:20, 22, 28;  15:10  and 19:1


A true disciple must be not only a follower, but also a serious student (learner). – Mt.10:29 & Eph.4:20-21

A true disciple must abide in God’s Word. – Jn.8:31 

True disciples must display genuine love for another. – Jn.13:35

True disciples are obedient. – Mt.7:21 & 24  and Acts 6:7 & 5:29

A true disciple must bear fruit. – Jn.15:7-8

  Can one be a true disciple and not bear the fruit of the Spirit? – Gal.5:22-24;  2Pet.1:5-11  and  Mt.7:17-21

  Can one be a true disciple and not care about seeking the lost? – Mk.1:17;  Mt.28:19-20  and  2Tim.2:1-2

True disciples must be willing to sacrifice for the cause of Christ. – Lk.14:26-27 & 33;  Mt.20:26  and  2Tim.2:3-4

  What does it mean to “eat His flesh and drink His blood”? - Jn.6:54 & 60 & 66

  cf. Jn.4:34  with  Jn.12:24-25

True disciples must strive to imitate Christ. – Lk.6:40;  Jn.13:15;  Acts 11:26;  Philp.2:5;  1Pet.2:21f  and 1Jn.2:6

4. Can one be a “secret” disciple? – Jn.19:28 and Mt.27:57

  Notwithstanding extreme circumstances, can a true disciple live in isolation of His brothers and sisters in Christ?

  Keep a list in your study Bible of various exhortations about the importance of practicing “the one-another way”. e.g. Gal.6:2;  Js.5:16;  Eph.4:32;  Heb.10:24  and  Ro.12:9

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