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Series: Words of Life


“But you, beloved, ought to remember the words that were spoken beforehand….” / Jude 17



1. Any baptized believer in Christ, according to the New Testament.

2. A person officially recognized by the Roman Catholic Church and certain other Christian churches as being entitled

to public veneration and as being capable of interceding for men on earth;  one who has been canonized.

3. Any person who has died and gone to heaven.

4. A charitable, unselfish, or patient person.

Definition #1 is that which is taught in the New Testament.

Definition #2 has no foundation in the Scriptures.  It is a man-made doctrine.

>Questions & Observations For Discussion?

1. What does the word SAINT mean? - - “to be holy or set aside for God’s usage”.

~ Jesus is spoken of as “the Holy One of God” – Mk.1:24 & Lk.1:35

~ All Christians are called to live “holy lives” … or “set-apart lives”. – 1Pet.1:14-16

2. Other words in the “saint” family add insight to the meaning of sainthood.

~ To sanctify (sanctification) has to do with, “consecrating or setting apart for a specific purpose”. – 1Pet.1:2

~ A sanctuary is a place set aside for worship  – Heb.9:1

3. All faithful Christians are saints!

~ In New Testament usage, Christians in general are “saints”.

~ “The term is common in reference to the inclusive membership of a local church.”  

~ Notice how Paul begins many of his epistles:  Rom.1:7;  1Cor.1:2;  2Cor.1:1;  Eph.1:1;  Philp.1:1 &  Col.1:1

~ cf. Acts 9:13;  Rom.16:15;  2Cor.13:13;  Heb.13:24  and  Rev.5:8

~ Sainthood is not reserved for just a select few extraordinary Christians.

~ Put simply, sainthood belongs to those who are sanctified IN CHRIST JESUS. – 1Cor.1:2

4. What does it mean to walk in a manner “worthy of the saints”? – Rom.16:2

~ Love / Eph.1:15 & Col.1:4

~ Ministry or service / Heb.6:10;  2Cor.9:1;  1Tim.5:10;  Rom.15:25

~ Financial aid or support / Rom.12:13 & 15:26  and  2Cor.8:4

~ Living morally upright lives / Eph.5:3

5. Nowhere in the Scriptures is it taught that only a certain few saints have special roles as intercessors.

Rather, all saints are urged to “confess your sins to one another and pray for one another” (Js.5:16).

6. What is the meaning of 1Cor.6:2-3, regarding the saints JUDGING the world and angels?

~ 2Tim.2:12 / if we died with HIM, we shall also live with Him;  if we endure, we shall also reign with Him.

~ Such is an eschatological reference to the establishment of the eternal kingdom in the last days of Judaism.

cf. Dan.9:22-27;  Mt.19:28;  Lk.22:30  and  Rev.3:21 & 20:4

~ First-century saints were guided in all truth (Jn.16:13) and their teachings became “binding” (Mt.16:19 & 18:18).   

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