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Lesson #2 – John The Baptizer

Series: Baptism 101 - What The Bible Says About Baptism

Lesson #2 – John  The  Baptizer



1) When do we first read of baptism in the New Testament?

  Who began this rite (practice) of baptism and what was its purpose?

  Was John authorized by God – i.e., was John a messenger sent by God? – Mk.1:2 & Jn.1:33

  What mode of baptism did John employ - - sprinkling or immersion? – Jn.3:23 and Mk.1:10.

(Several English words are used to translate the Greek word “baptizo”: immerse … plunge … submerge.)


2) Was Jesus baptized? – Lk.3:21

  By whom? – Mt.3:13f and Mk.1:9

 Using the following Biblical citations, answer the question, “Why was Jesus baptized?”.

~ Mt.3:15

~ Heb.2:17

       ~ Mk.1:4 & Lk.3:3 with 2Cor.5:21


3) For what (or for Whom) was John preparing the way? – Mk.1:3;  Mt.3:2 and Jn.1:23

  John’s role was preparatory - - he was a harbinger or forerunner.

  Although John might be described as a feisty firebrand, was he also humble? – Mt.3:14 & Jn.1:29-30


4) Did Jesus Himself teach and preach baptism? – Jn.3:1-5

  Did the disciples of Jesus, like John, engage in baptizing others? – Jn.3:22 & Jn.4:1-2


5) What are some similarities and differences between John’s baptism and Christ’s baptism?

  Both required repentance. – Mt.3:2 and Act 2:38

  Both involved an immersion into water. – Jn.3:23 and Acts 8:38

  Both brought about the forgiveness of sins. – Mk.1:4 and Acts 2:38 and 22:16

Note:  After the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus, John’s baptism

was displaced or replaced by baptism into Christ Jesus.  cf. Acts 19:1-5 


6) How did baptism change after the death of Jesus?

  Which baptism is for us today - - John’s or Jesus’?

  We are now baptized “into Christ”!

~ Rom.6:3-11

~ Col.2:12

~ Gal.3:26-27

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