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Online Sermons

Sixteen Apostles

Series: The Fourteen Apostles




Our recent midweek Bible group included a study of the original Twelve Apostles plus four others.




 APOSTLE'S NAME:                                        DESCRIPTION:


___  PETER                                                       A. He was a tax-collector


___  ANDREW                                                  B. He and his brother James were sons of thunder


___  JAMES (son of Zebedee)                          C. This man replaced Judas who betrayed Jesus

___ JOHN                                                         D. His name means son of encouragement


___  PHILIP                                                       E. Not one of the 12, he met Jesus on the Damascus road


___  BARTHOLOMEW                                       F. He is often associated with thirty pieces of silver


___  THOMAS                                                   G. He was a brother to John


___ MATTHEW                                                 H. This man was also known as Simon or Cephas


___ JAMES (son of Alphaeus)                           I. He was a Peter's brother


___ THADDAEUS                                               J. This apostle is often dubbed the doubter


___ SIMON                                                       K. Not one of the  12,  he was a pillar in the church


___ JUDAS                                                        L. This apostle is also known as Nathanael


___ MATTHAIS                                                 M. He was quizzed by Jesus in feeding of the 5,000


___ JAMES (the Lord's brother)                       N. He was also known as James the less


___ PAUL                                                          O. This apostle was known for being a zealot/Canaanite


___ BARNABAS                                                 P. He wore another name, Lebbaeus



The correct answers are in our website's 04/05/20 News & Notes.

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