We are thrilled to worship a Father of mercies and God of all grace.
Our aim is be disciples of Jesus: to be Christ-like in word and deed.
This challenge to be “simply Christian” is worthy of genuine pursuit.
Our earnest desire is to help others discover the joy of God’s New Creation.
We love people and long for meaningful relationships in The Body Of Christ.
We invite you to come journey with us.

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Family Matters - 8/14/22

FAMILYMATTERS - - August 14, 2022

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The wearing of face masks is optional.

Sunday Bible Classes for all ages at 9:15AM

Sunday Morning Worship 10:00AM

No Wednesday Bible Study at this time.


Terry Siverd's sermon title for August 14 is, “At Home In Nazareth”


In our Prayers

Our prayers are with Mike Collier, who fell Thursday and broke his leg (femur.)

He is in Trumbull Memorial Hospital.

Carol Pierson fell and had to get stitches in her heel


Terry Siverd,  Shawn Wood , Dave Wood, Anthony Hanck-Palocios,  Marge Ullom, Tim Sicuro, Eric Alfred,  Adam Englebaugh, Larry Pierson, Ray Lee, George Henderson,

 Sue Roche, Dick Maas,  Stan Owen,  Chris Cassidy, Shan Wood, Rachael Elliott,

 Jim Kennedy, Gary Smith,  Joe Gentile, Greg Lawrence, 

   Don Davis,  Molly Rush,  Bella Rose, 

Vic & Deb Rossi,  Amy Rossi,  Sandy Brown, Marian Scott, Virginia Johnson,

Betty Wood, Lisa Baker, Bobby Meade, Amanda Collier, Mike Collier

George Hamilton, Frank Robbinette, Alex Cooper, Betty Browning

Alice Jean Stone, Mary Stottlemyer,  Art Bangert 


Happy Birthday  & Anniversary!

Jill Woods (8/17), Bruce Ware (8/23), Mike & Belinda Collier (A. 8/24), 

Betty Pascute (8/24), Roseann Kennedy (8/25),

Greg Lawrence (8/27), Charley Armstrong (8/28),  Charleigh Wildman (8/31)


Vital Signs

Week of Aug. 7 , 2022  Attendance  (31/45) Offering ($1115) avg. over 32 wks. ($1244)


Summer Picnics

All are invited to join us for our picnic after worship this morning.


 Our next picnic will be on Sept. 11, (the second Sunday)  right after morning worship.

Hot dogs will be provided. Bring your favorite picnic dish, beverages & lawn chairs, games too!   In case of rain we will eat indoors.


Weekly Breakfast Gatherings

Women are meeting every Wednesday at Perkins on Elm Road at 10AM

The men’s breakfast  will be on hold for the summer


Threads of Grace will take the summer off and resume on Sept. 10



Jared Cash, Ryan McCord, Scott McQuain, Allison Montgomery, Patrick Passewitz

Jason Pratscher, Abraham & Ruben Walley, Olivia Wood


George Aros Buelna (Betina'syoungest son) is now a member of the US Marines and is currently enrolled in basic training in San Diego.


Volunteers are needed for building cleaning for the month of 

  & December.


If you have  news for the Family Matters please call

Roseann  330 394-2188, or 330-240-4643  email: kbigmommak@aol.com

Please note: I am not on Face Book.


For more detailed information see our web site at cortlandcoc.org