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Online Sermons

Lesson #1 - A Committed Company

Series: The Fourteen Apostles



1. What is the meaning of the word apostle?

~ The Greek word (apo stello) literally means, “one sent forth”.


~ While this word seems to have a specific usage in conjunction with The Twelve + Matthias and Paul,

there are other New Testament citations that appear to use the word in a more generic sense.

Jesus himself is spoken of as an apostle (Heb.3:1).

Barnabas, in his missionary journeys with Paul, is called an apostle (Acts 14:4 & 14).

Paul recognized James the brother of the Lord as an apostle (1Cor.15:7 & Gal.1:19).

Andronicus & Junias are described as being, outstanding among the apostles (Rom.16:7).

Paul refers to two unnamed co-workers, dubbed apostles (see footnote on 2Cor.8:23 regarding “messengers”).

Epaphroditus is also referenced by Paul as an apostle (Philp.2:25/messenger).

Paul includes Timothy & Silas (aka, Silvanus) as apostles (1Thess.1:1 & 2:6).


~ On one occasion, Paul alludes to “false apostles” (2Cor.11:13).

cf. Acts 20:30; Gal.2:4; Philp.1:5; Titus 1:10; 2Pet.2:1 and Rev.2:2


} Our current study will focus on The Fourteen - - 12 + Matthias (Judas' replacement) + Paul. |


2. Can you name the twelve apostles?

Using the texts of the synoptic gospels, make a list of the original twelve apostles.

cf. Mt.4:18-22;  Mk.1:16-20;  and  Lk.5:2-11


3. After Judas betrayed Jesus, who was selected to take Judas' place among The Twelve?

cf. Acts 1:23-26.


4. What qualification was essential for Judas' replacement? - cf. Acts 1:21-11


5. Were the fourteen apostles all chosen by God/Christ.

This was equally true of Paul (Acts 9:15 and 22:21).


6. What's the difference between an apostle and a disciple?

Perhaps it might be helpful to note that while all apostles were disciples, not all disciples were apostles.


7. Does the fact that all of the apostles were MEN bother you?

~ This is not intended to depreciate the role of women.

~ The elders of the church were also to be men - - the husband of one wife (1Tim.3:2 and Titus 1:6).


8. Do you find it disrespectful to think of these fourteen apostles are ORDINARY men?

~ Although “chosen”, they were nonetheless mortal and fallible (complete with foibles).

Besides the glaring weakness seen in Judas, numerous shortcomings can be witnessed among these men.


~ Yet one can rightfully assert that these men were also EXTRA-ORDINARY in many non-miraculous ways.

Ponder their deep devotion and steadfastness in following Jesus through thick and thin.

Even when they faltered, they were able to find repentance and renewal.

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