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Online Sermons

Lesson #26 - Snowplow Parenting

Series: Home-Builders




In the late 20th century we encountered “helicopter parents” - - parents who were continually hovering over their children

(always ready with a band-aid or a cookie).  Now, in the 21st century we are meeting up with “snowplow parents” - -

ones who go to even greater lengths not just to protect their kids, but to smash every perceived obstacle in their path.

This is just the latest outrageous example of BAD PARENTING.



Recent headline news stories have provided sordid details of a current FBI case involving parents who

engaged in bribing elite universities (e.g., $500,000) in order to gain access and acceptance for their child.

Some have speculated that such bizarre behavior is driven in part by guilt (parents trying to make up for absenteeism).

The actions of some include more that just questionable ethics - - some do things that are downright illegal.


Some parents seem bent on protecting their children from any and every hardship.



“The point is to prepare the kid for the road, instead of preparing the road for the kid.”

(Julie Lythcott-Haims)


More often than not, coddled children fail to tolerate life's normal frustrations.

Coddled children are frequently unable to cope with setbacks of all sizes

(from being unable to afford the latest gadget to losing a job). 



“A life without struggle and failure is not really a life!”



Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance.



It is for DISCIPLINE that your ENDURE; God deals with you as sons; for what son is there whom his father does not discipline.





1. As a parent, are you in constant cell-phone contact with your child(ren)?

Regarding your adult children - - Would you fill out their college application forms? …

Do you book their haircut appointments, doctor's appointments, etc.? …

Do you text them so that they don't fall asleep and miss a class? ...

Would you ever consider interceding on your child's behalf with their employer?


2. Do efforts to protect our children from every possible disappointment actually do more harm than good?


3. Does pride sometime drive parents to minimize failures so as to create an illusion of success?   


4. How would you define CODDLE?


5. As painful as it may be, can it be beneficial to let our children fail?  Explain!


6. Can you list some overindulgent parents that are mentioned in the Scriptures?

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