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Three Ways To Manage Stress

Three ways to Manage Stress

Statistics show that it is at this time of year that stress levels are at their highest.

The general stress of day to day life, plus the added stress of the Holidays and family gatherings along with all the trimmings compounds the stress level.

Most stress in self induced.  Some is brought upon us from outside situations and people.  Stress is a part of being human.

The Bible gives us answers to life’s problems and issues that inevitably come our way.

The Word of God is our answer to stress as well.

We will be reading our main scripture for this morning, which is Phil. 4:4-9

We will discover the human need that this passage meets. {To learn to manage the stress that life inevitably brings.}

Our goal is to discover 3 ways to manage stress from this passage. And as a result feel more peaceful in whatever our circumstances.

Example: Read – {friend at work and the world series }

If we are alive, we have stress!  Good and bad experiences both contribute to the stress in our lives.  However, Phil. 4 teaches us how to manage it – so it doesn’t rule us, our emotions, and our actions.

Let’s read Phil. 4: 4-9

We discover that the first of Philp. Three ways to manage stress is:


The Apostil Paul instructs us to rejoice in the Lord!

What does that mean we may ask.  It means that we can have joy even though we are in a difficult circumstance.  Most people are controlled by their own internal moods or their external circumstances. Paul gives us another way!

When we rejoice in the Lord we are placing our confidence in Jesus and not on our frailty.  This is a choice we can make.  To reflect a spirit of joy in the midst of difficulty is a powerful witness to the strength Jesus gives to His followers.

I remember Burdette saying to me early on during his second bout with cancer that he was at peace with whatever happens because all his trust was in the Lord.

That was a fine example of rejoicing in the Lord.  That helped Burdette ease the stress of what he would be facing.

Jesus wants us to draw our joy from the smile on His face!  Some days will go well and others will not.  Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.  When He is the source of our joy, personal circumstances do not carry as much weight.

The second of Phil. 3 ways to manage stress is: pray

Stressful situations generate a natural form of anxiety.  Paul says that instead of being overcome by the worries of life we should cast our cares upon God by praying!

People who pray tend not to worry so much.  People who tend to worry, often don’t pray.  Yep, it’s really that simple!

Here is the secret! When we pray we are no longer depending on our power, our ideas, our wisdom.  We are now depending on the Creator of the Universe’ power, ideas, and wisdom!

That brings peace!

Just think – The God that parted the Red Sea; Jesus that calmed the wind and the waters; The Jesus that healed the woman – this same God and Jesus are ready to help each one of us when we pray!

 We are to take our burdens to the throne of grace and ask for help.  Isn’t it just absolutely amazing that God cares for each one of us.  That He knows what we each need before we ask and that He is waiting for us to pray!

The third of Philp. Three ways to manage stress is:  Think!

This means we take responsibility for our minds.  God has given us the capacity to control our thoughts.  We can choose to think on negative things, or on positive things.  It’s really up to us.

Our thoughts are often the source of our greatest stress!  We tend to imagine the worst!

  • I think about growing old and becoming dependent on others
  • I think about my health failing
  • I think about people not liking me
  • I think about failing at work – or even losing my job
  • I think about our country becoming worse and worse
  • I think about something bad happening to my children

These kind of thoughts will inevitably lead to stress and anxiety.  We all have concerns, but the key is to not dwell on them.

Instead Paul says to think about what is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, and admirable.  We can take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ {ii Cor. 10:5}

Every time we focus our thoughts on God, He becomes bigger and our problems become smaller!

There is a song based on {1 Peter 5:7} [Cast all your anxiety on God for He cares for you] that has words of encouragement.  Don’t get stressed! I’m not going to sing it just quote a verse;

I cast all my cares upon you

I lay all my burdens down at your feet

And anytime I don’t know what to do

I will cast all my cares upon You

God’s word gives us man ways to manage stress.  The book of Philip. Provides three of the most practical guidelines to help us gain peace and minimize the things that bring on stress.

All we need do is ask Jesus to help.  He sees everything that each one of us are currently facing.  Rejoice that he is in charge.  Pray and ask for help. Keep your thoughts on Him. Not your surroundings.  If you do, the peace of God which transcends all understanding will guard your heart and mind.

Rejoice, pray and think!

Now for few discussion questions:

  • Which promise of God most encourages you when you are stressed
  • How would rejoicing in the Lord help you in managing stress
  • How would praying to God help you in managing stress
  • How would controlling your thoughts help in managing stress
  • What is the greatest hindrance that keeps you from doing one of these ways of managing stress
  • What one step will you commit to doing this week


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