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Lesson #1 – How Important Is A Study Of Baptism?

Series: Baptism 101 - What The Bible Says About Baptism

Lesson #1 – How Important Is A Study Of Baptism?



1) Have you ever found yourself in a discussion about baptism with your family or friends?

What did you say?  Did others agree or disagree?

Can disagreements often lead to shouting matches and hurt feelings?


2) Why is it important that we be able to tell people what the Bible says about baptism?

What might be the result if we were to teach someone incorrectly about baptism?


3) What are some of the varying religious ideas about baptism today?

Can they all be right?

cf. Jer.10:23  and  Prov.3:5


4) What is the only way to know the truth about the matter?

Is it vital that we allow The Word of God to be “the final word”?

Does the Bible warn against “adding to or taking away from”?

cf. Deut.4:2 & 12:32;  Prov.30:6;  1Cor.4:6  and  Rev.22:18-19


5) Why do you think baptism is often such a sensitive subject to discuss?

Is it important to talk about truth - - even when it is controversial?

cf. Jude 3  and  Acts 17:11


6) Has anyone ever told you something that was true but did so with a rude or arrogant attitude?

How did this affect your response to what was said?

Do we need to work hard at avoiding harshness in our “presentation”?

Surely, our goal is not just to win an argument!


7) Why is it important that we be able to explain what the Bible says with an attitude of LOVE?

cf. Eph.4:15  and  Col.4:6

Can the manner in which we present truth make a world of difference?

While truth needs to be received with humility, does it also need to be presented with the same? 


8) How might a study of baptism affect the rest of your life?

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